• 350

    Annual disassembly and disposal capacity

  • 4
    wan cars

    The ability to dismantle scrapped cars

  • 15
    wan Tons

    Hazardous waste disposal capacity

  • 600

    The company covers an area of up to

Products and services
Xinguang Lvhuan Renewable Resources Co., Ltd.
       Xinguang green ring renewable resources co., ltd. was established in March 2004, is located in yantai economic and technological development zone, registered capital of 360.3024 million yuan, covers an area of more than 600 acres, is specialized in the transport of waste recycling, resource utilization and harmless disposal of environmental services enterprises.
      Company's existing ordinary waste regeneration processing center, retrieving and dismantling scrapped automobiles, disposal of waste electric and electronic products, hazardous waste disposal center...
  • 2004 years

    Company establishment

  • 2006 years

    General Waste Recycling and Processing Project Completed

  • 2007 years

    Establishing provincial R&D centers

development history

Environmental Service Enterprises Specializing in Transport and Recovery, Resource Utilization and Harmless Disposal of Wastes
  • Creating a New Industrial Model

    Realizing Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Reverse Logistics with Large Manufacturing Enterprises

  • Forming a Professional Processing System

    Forming a system of resource utilization and harmless disposal of various kinds of common wastes, waste electrical and electronic equipment, scrap automobiles and hazardous wastes

  • Strong annual disposal capacity

    Diversified Disposal of Solid Waste

  • Energy-saving and environmental protection enterprises

    Wish to work hand in hand with all walks of life to build a harmonious and beautiful ecological home

Xinguang News Center

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