Talent development

Driving Talents with Pay and Attracting Talents with Pay
Salary concept: more work, more pay according to work
Three Principles of Salary: Internal Fairness, External Fairness and Individual Fairness
1. Employees of the company shall enjoy the holidays and annual holidays prescribed by the State in accordance with the law.
2. Employees of the company are entitled to maternity leave, breast-feeding leave, marriage leave, funeral leave, work-related injury leave and sick leave according to law.
3. The company pays five insurance and one gold for employees according to law, and purchases accident injury insurance separately.
4. The company carries out a routine physical examination for employees every year and establishes health records.
5. The company distributes festival gifts for employees every Spring Festival, March 8th Women's Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.
6. The company regularly organizes recreational activities and distributes prizes every year, and holds large-scale parties at the end of each year.
7. The company regularly raises the salary of its employees, with performance bonuses and year-end bonuses.


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