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       Tongling Zhengyuan Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., an environment protection enterprise invested by the State, engages in the concentrated disposal of dangerous waste with operation center in Xilong Village, Tianmen Township, Tongling County.

       The Concentrated Disposal Center for Dangerous Waste is one of the projects within the Plan for National Dangerous Waste and Medical Waste Disposal Infrastructure Construction. A total investment of RMB 150 million for the Phase I covers a centralized center taking up 350 mu for dangerous industrial waste from Tongling, Chizhou, Anqing, Huangshan and medical waste from Tongling. The design capacity for the project is annual disposal of 15,600 ton of dangerous waste and medical waste, including 5,600 ton for incineration of industrial waste, 1,000 ton for incineration of medical waste, 3,800 ton for physicochemical treatment of waste solution, and 5,200 ton for landfill after stabilization.

       The Company adopts professional and mature operation mode of domestic environment protection enterprise, introduces advanced treatment technologies for medical waste and dangerous waste, and purchases top environment protection equipment which are highly automated and technology-intensive for centralized treatment, in the purpose of guaranteeing safe treatment of dangerous waste to the most, and realizing the harmless and minimized disposal of dangerous waste further for utilization.

       The Company holds tight the operation principle of environmental benefit comes first, environmental protection as the base, and practices the management theory of sincerity and integrity, commitment and profession, standard-observing and model-establishing, and devotes itself in becoming expert in environmental protection, and establishing model for the industry. The value of reverence for the nature, thanks for the society, and self-fulfillmentis promoted here for the vision of resuming the beauty of the nature.

Add: Langjiachong, Xilong Village, Tianmen Township, Tongling County   

Zip Code:244172

Service Tel:+86-0562-2188558    

Office Tel:+86-0562-2188568  Fax:+86-0562-2188538


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