Chairman of the Board of Directors participated in the two meetings of Yantai and contributed to the take-off of Yantai's new airport.

On February 18, the organizing members of Yantai and CPPCC held a symposium on the construction and use of Penglai New Airport. The chairman of the board of directors participated in the symposium as a participating member.
The opening of Yantai Penglai International Airport has brought the construction of Yantai's three-dimensional traffic to a new level. At the two meetings this year, how Yantai's new airport can further promote the economic development of Yantai has become a hot topic for delegates and members. At the symposium, the chairman suggested that the model of Shanghai Hongqiao Airport could be used for reference in the future transportation planning of Yantai Airport.
The chairman said that the mode close to the airport and railway station could be more convenient for citizens to travel, and the future urban rail and high-speed rail of Yantai Airport could learn from the mode of Hongqiao in Shanghai.

In addition to giving suggestions for the development of the new airport, the chairman of the board of directors for the purpose of Laishan Airport proposed that the developed three-dimensional transportation network of Yantai could be used to introduce the aircraft dismantling industry, make full use of the rich space of Laishan Airport, and add luster to the renewable resources industry of Yantai.


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